Scooter’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Scruffy!

Too Scruffy, Scooter

We rescued Scooter when he was shoved through the gate and into the fenced yard of some elderly neighbors. Thankfully the neighbor called us to come get him from her yard. Scooter was very scared, but we were able to coax him with bits of chicken and bring him home. He is still afraid of everything. But, he is ours and he is loved.

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Gracie’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Foxy!

Gracie as Too Foxy!

My neighbors found a lost dog and did not realize she was pregnant. Gracie was number seven of her litter. Her mom did not have a tit for her, so my neighbor’s husband hand fed her. That’s why she loves people so much! When I came to visit the pups, Gracie walked into my palm—and my heart—forever. She rescued me! 

Blondie’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Wrinkly

Too Wrinkly, Blondie

Blondie was rescued as a very young pup. Her eyes weren’t even open. She was surrendered to the Humane Society with her siblings and they needed a foster to bottle feed them. After raising Blondie and two of her other siblings until they were old enough to be adopted, I could not part with this little girl and we adopted her. Blondie is “Too Wrinkly” because she’s part Lab and Shar Pei, and as a puppy she was totally covered in adorable wrinkles!


Blondie has been my constant, loyal and loving companion for the past seven years. She inspired me to continue to foster and I have had over 100 animals in my home over the years, until they were adopted into loving families. Blondie even inspired me to start my own nonprofit rescue organization called Rescue Junkie. Since we started in 2014, we have seen nearly 500 animals adopted through our rescue.



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Dax’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Weinery!

Too Weinery / Dax


Dax was found wandering around west of Jacksonville. His rescuers put out signs for a few weeks, but no one responded. They needed to find someone to re-home him because they already had several dogs of their own.


A friend, who knows I’m a dachshund lover, forwarded Dax’s information to me and I fell for him instantly! Through the help of friends and rescue advocates, Dax made the journey to Key West and he’s been here ever since!


Dax spends most days on our boat or in the water. As his illustration suggests, he’s loves life in the Keys!



Abby’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Serious

Too Serious, Abby


In February 2017, on one of the coldest days of the year, my daughter, Jillienne, called me while she was volunteering at the shelter. She was concerned about a senior dog named Abby, who was heartworm positive, had developed a respiratory infection and was not doing well. The volunteers were concerned about her handling the freezing temperatures. Jillienne asked if I could help find someone to foster her.


I immediately thought of my neighbor Julie, who mentioned that she would like to try fostering. As I told her about Abby, she didn’t hesitate to say that she would take her in. Just a few hours later, Abby was transported to Julie’s house. Julie and her children fell in love with Abby and their dog, George, welcomed her into their home. Abby quickly became accustomed to spending her days sunbathing or curled up in Julie’s home office. She was a trooper as she went through her heartworm treatment and enjoyed daily walks with her foster brother. After falling in love, Julie and her family adopted Abby. She fit perfectly into their family.


Abby finally learned what it was like to feel the love and kindness she deserved. As Abby’s health began to deteriorate, Julie and her family helped Abby make her way to the Rainbow Bridge where they are certain she is restored to her youth.


And, I’m grateful to Julie that Abby lived her final days in a warm, loving home.


Quezy’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Wolfy

Too Wolfy, Quezy


In May 1999, I went to our local shelter to find a friend for our dog, Max, who was adopted from the same shelter three months prior. As I scanned row after row of dogs, one little six-month-old stray caught my eye. We went in to the meet-and-greet area, and she jumped on the table and peed on my purse. I was hooked. She had green stuff coming out of her nose, which the staff worker told me meant she’d have to be put in isolation. Isolation dogs rarely made it out at that time. I scrambled and received permission to take her to my vet. We went home, crossed our fingers and began our story.


We named her after Jacquez Green—the football player who could run like no other. Quezy was a force to be reckoned with. Wild, untamed and full of fire. She would catch birds midair, take squirrels off fences and dig out of holes made for mice. She took every opportunity to escape and would always be found running covered in mud and smiling ear to ear. She could run so far and jump so high that I truly think sometimes she caught flight. She gave me gray hair and wrinkles, and more joy and love than anyone could imagine. She moved with me countless times, and welcomed every new foster and permanent addition not with happiness, but with acceptance and peace. She rolled with the changes life brought us. When human children came into the picture, a kinder, softer side of Quezy emerged. She would lick their tiny feet and stare at them in wonder. That was when she fell in love.


We celebrated her 17th adoption anniversary in May 2016. We had to hold her to help her walk and we sat with her in the shade as she laid down eating her cake. Her body may have finally failed her, but the glimmer in her eyes never left. She was an old lady who sat looking at each of us with a smile that said more than words ever could. We knew that we had made her as happy as she had made us. A couple of weeks later life became too hard and with our help, The Wild Child, our restless wanderer, slept at last.


The Story behind…Pup Package…A “Too Licky” supported charity!

What is Pup Package?

Pup Package started in 2016 as just an idea to help provide basis essentials to local foster and rescues in San Diego, CA. Since the start of our journey, we have been able to donate above & beyond the original anticipated amount of Signature Pup Packages to over 15 rescues in 5 states throughout US and we’re only getting started!

What is one of your success stories?

One of our most exciting success stories happened in August 2017. One of the first rescues we donated our signature pup packages to reached back out to us saying they are rescuing 12 dogs and are in need of the basics. They immediately thought of us and of course, we were able to help! Our intention is for rescues and fosters to contact us if they’re in need of the basic essentials (leash, collar, towel, etc) and they can remain focused on increasing the rate of adoptions. Having the ability to help a “return rescue” was so humbling and fulfilling to our growing organization!

What’s your best rescue tip?

The greatest rescue tip we have to share: don’t force yourself in a dog’s space. Often times they are scared, confused, worried, or stressed. As a lover of all dogs – you need to make sure you recognize the signs and provide space for the dog as needed. This helps set them up for success and provides the comfort & safety to adjust while transitioning toward a furever home!

What is your greatest need?

Pup Package is always accepting new or gently used items to put into the signature packages. Such as:

  • Blankets & towels
  • Collars & leashes (all sizes)
  • Dog treats & food (unopened)
  • Waste bags
  • Flea & tick medicine (unused)
  • Shampoo, brushes, anything for bath time!
  • Kennels & crates (all sizes, in working condition)
  • Dog beds (new or gently used)

Why does “Too Licky” support Pup Package?

We chose Pup Package to be one our supported charities because we believe in the work they’re doing to support fosters and rescues. After what we have learned from shelter volunteers and after having a foster dog of our own, there is a HUGE need for essentials. These shelters need all the support they can get and having a resource like Pup Package is invaluable. Not to mention, the founder has a deep passion for rescues with oodles of energy to make a huge impact!

To learn more or donate to Pup Package dirceclty, visit their website:


What does it mean to foster a dog?

A lot of rescue organizations post requests for help with 4 great options: adopt, foster, donate, volunteer.

The one I knew the least about was fostering. How do you become a pet foster?

We wanted to know! So, we asked an expert to help us better understand this important role!

Today, we’re sharing them with you and providing some easy STEPS to get started if you are interested in fostering!

Below is our Q&A with Amie Hagar, dedicated and experienced foster parent volunteer and advocate.

How do you become a foster?

There is always such a need. First deciding how you want to help is important. Does your interest lie in medically needy animals? Or is there a certain size you’d prefer? Contacting a rescue or shelter to find out if they have a foster program is your first step..

What does it mean to foster a pet?

Animals living in a shelter are usually stressed and scared. Their true personalities are not able to show. Fostering an animal gives you the opportunity to learn what kind of forever home they truly need. You’re an invaluable stepping stone in their journey to a forever home. Most rescues work solely with foster homes so for them to be able to take in animals they must have foster homes lined up.

Typically, how long are “foster assignments?”

Ideally fostering a dog would be until they get adopted. Which could only be a few days or I’ve had fosters for close to a year. There is no guarantee on adoption sometimes puppies go without any interest and sometimes a special-needs one gets adopted right away

What makes a pet foster assignment a success?

Dedication. If you teach your foster basic commands, house training and you’re socializing them, all of those things make them more adoptable. Making sure they are been seen at adoption events or on social media. I have been quite successful walking a foster dog around a market or a dog friendly restaurant with an “adopt me” vest on.

What if you already have a pet?

There are lots of great dogs that need to be the only pet and that lessens their chances of being adopted. If you already have a pet, you want to make sure the animal you want to foster is friendly. And have someone help you introduce them. I have found it less stressful to keep animals separate especially in the beginning – even if they are friendly.

How do I know what behavior “issues” I can handle or not?

Honestly you won’t know until you try. Meeting the animal first will give you an idea if you’re comfortable with them or not. Maybe meeting a few times. Dogs with behavior issues can be challenging but is well worth the reward. Some common issues are dog reactivity, fearfulness of various things, stranger danger, separation anxiety and all around lack of training and/or socializing. Educate yourself on the suspected behavior issues. Read and ask questions!

How do I prepare my house? How do I know if any breeds are restricted where I live?

Pick up things of value! Sort of like baby proofing your house. It’s a great idea if you have a spare room or quiet corner you could set up as a safe place for them at least for the first few days. You can call your rental company or your HOA to see what is allowed. If only a certain number of animals are allowed sometimes an exception can be made for a foster.

What supplies do I need?

That depends on the resources of who you’re fostering for. Some rescues are able to supply most if not all of what you need. A crate, bedding, food, bowls, toys and any medication. If you’re fostering for a shelter they typically have very limited resources. You may have to supply most of those things.

What am I responsible for financially? Vet visits? Supplies?

Medical and food are typically covered. Sometimes boarding is covered also if you have to travel while fostering. Help is needed everywhere so if you’re willing to contribute financially that is a huge plus. And if what you have to offer is housing, that is great also.

How does my foster pet find a furever home?

These days social media is a huge part but also adoption events. Ideally, if you’re able to bring your foster to these events and can talk to potential adopters, you’re giving them the most valuable information. Events are almost always on the weekends so some places offer help if your schedule doesn’t permit you to attend or transport. Always ask what’s expected of you.

What if I can’t bear to part with my foster pet?

This happens all the time. Most groups give their foster homes the first option to adopt. This may not always be the case so if you’re having those feelings I would let the group know immediately. Fostering is not for the faint of heart and it is always sad to see them go. But there are so many that need help. Often we can find the strength to let them go knowing another needs our help.

What 3 things do you recommend a new pet foster parent needs to know?

  1. Educate yourself on body language and watch your foster pet’s body and behavior.
  2. Reward anything and everything positive.
  3. Be patient and forgiving, not only with the pet but with yourself.


If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent for a dog in need, here are steps to help get you started:

Step 1: Know what you can handle and know what your home can handle.

Step 2: Contact a shelter near you and tell them you’re interested in fostering. Complete their paperwork.

Step 3: Ask questions! Start to get to know the shelter staff and any rescue organizations that support the fosters. They will be the best resource for information and support along the way.

When they say, you’re “saving a life,” you truly are.

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have about fostering! Please share this with any friends you think may be “pawing” with the idea!

Sending love!

Jody, Gigi, Ryan & Sugar

Professor’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Fluffy

Too Fluffy, Professor


In 2007, I received an email forwarded to me from a friend who was highly involved in the local shelter and rescue. It showed photos of a very depressed “Poodle,” who wasn’t handling shelter life very well and needed a home as the end of his time was near. He had been found wandering in a field so matted and dirty that he had to be shaved. He looked sad and naked!  I sent my now husband to the shelter because I was sure I’d have to take every animal home if I went. He described walking past all the happy bouncing balls of fur to the last cage, where he found a dog that looked sick. Professor wouldn’t look at him. My husband came home to get me and our other dog so we could see how they would do together.


As soon as Professor was brought out of his cage into the meet-and-greet area he was like a new dog! Smiling and sitting up! Excited as he could be to meet us and our other dog! So, guess who came home with us that day? Over time his very fluffy fur grew back in and we discovered he is really a Bichon. We tend to keep his fur short, but he’s quite fluffy if we let it grow. Professor’s now a sweet old man at 17 years old. He’s been an amazing doggy over the years!


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