Jelly Bean’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Puppy

Too Puppy, Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean’s momma was hours away from being euthanized while VERY pregnant. She was rescued at the last possible moment, and three days later had nine pups! We are so fortunate to have one of those perfect little pups. Jelly Bean was one pound when she became a part of our family.


We may have rescued her at the start, but she has rescued us many times over. We are truly blessed to have her in our family and she is our daughter’s best friend.



Press release…”Too Licky” now in PAPERBACK!

6 Year Old Sisters Successfully Launch Book on Kickstarter to Help Rescue Dogs, now in Paperback!


Gigi and Ryan were born in Los Angeles and when their parents announced they were moving to Jacksonville, Florida, the “bargain” was to get a dog.


“Too Licky” is about two sister’s journey to find the “just right” rescue dog for their family.


Gigi and Ryan Giles searched high and low to find the “right” dog. After months and months of searching they found her, the “just right” rescue dog – Sugar.

The book features beautiful illustrations by Cynthia Inks, a Florida native as well as forewords by well-known celebrity rescue and bully breed advocates – Tes M. Kurtz, Deirdre Franklin and Sophie Gamand.


The book features the rescue stories for the dogs illustrated in the book as well as tips for families on how to find their own “just right” rescue.


To secure funding for the completion and distribution of “Too Licky,” they successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign in April of 2017.


The hardback version of the book launched on Amazon on October 17, 2017.


Now, they’re launching a paperback version just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Gigi and Ryan will donate a portion of profits to rescue and bully breed advocacy organizations.


Every purchase gives back!


For more information on “Too Licky,” visit the website at



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Meet Rocky…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Toothy!

​Meet Rocky…”Too Toothy”

We moved our family from Connecticut to south Florida and told our kids, Jaren and Michele, that once we bought our new house we would get a dog. We found Pet Haven Rescue from an internet search and a couple of pictures caught our eye. Rocky had been born at the rescue facility and was a true mutt: Shih Tzu, Pug and Poodle mix. He was the only one in his litter that ended up looking like he did. All his siblings looked more like mama Poodle. We loved his funny teeth and he was a very calm dog.

Rocky had already been adopted and was returned a month after his adoption because the man, a church pastor, was having problems with his knees and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to take Rocky on walks. He prayed that a nice family with a large yard and fence would end up adopting the dog. We happen to have a very large yard and a fence for Rocky! The funny thing is that Rocky goes and hides whenever anyone mentions the “walk” word. He is a homebody. And, the best dog we’ve ever had!

Meet Fiona…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Drooly!

Meet Fiona…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Drooly!

Fiona was a stray in Miami-Dade county. She was brought in by Animal Care and Control with a fresh litter of pups. The puppies adopted out fast, and Fiona even found a home, too. Because she had just had puppies, her new parents were to bring her back to be spayed after she recovered. Well, they brought her in, but never came back to pick her up. Once again, she was up for adoption. This time she found a loving home, but her anxiety was full blown. She kept running away. Again, she was returned to Miami-Dade pound. When I went to pick her up, she had days left before she would be euthanized.

When she came to my home she was very lethargic and moppy. She would rearrange my house if I left her home alone. So, I brought her with me everywhere until she livened up a bit. Then, I introduced her to a crate, which she loves. I call it her room. It gave her a safe space while I was away at work. Other than work, she came with me and was my shotgun rider in the truck.

Now, six years later she has two human sisters and is living the life! We have our ups and downs, but she was and will always be my first baby. I couldn’t ask for a better dog!

Scooter’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Scruffy!

Too Scruffy, Scooter

We rescued Scooter when he was shoved through the gate and into the fenced yard of some elderly neighbors. Thankfully the neighbor called us to come get him from her yard. Scooter was very scared, but we were able to coax him with bits of chicken and bring him home. He is still afraid of everything. But, he is ours and he is loved.

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Gracie’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Foxy!

Gracie as Too Foxy!

My neighbors found a lost dog and did not realize she was pregnant. Gracie was number seven of her litter. Her mom did not have a tit for her, so my neighbor’s husband hand fed her. That’s why she loves people so much! When I came to visit the pups, Gracie walked into my palm—and my heart—forever. She rescued me! 

Blondie’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Wrinkly

Too Wrinkly, Blondie

Blondie was rescued as a very young pup. Her eyes weren’t even open. She was surrendered to the Humane Society with her siblings and they needed a foster to bottle feed them. After raising Blondie and two of her other siblings until they were old enough to be adopted, I could not part with this little girl and we adopted her. Blondie is “Too Wrinkly” because she’s part Lab and Shar Pei, and as a puppy she was totally covered in adorable wrinkles!


Blondie has been my constant, loyal and loving companion for the past seven years. She inspired me to continue to foster and I have had over 100 animals in my home over the years, until they were adopted into loving families. Blondie even inspired me to start my own nonprofit rescue organization called Rescue Junkie. Since we started in 2014, we have seen nearly 500 animals adopted through our rescue.



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Jody, Gigi, Ryan & Sugar


Dax’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Weinery!

Too Weinery / Dax


Dax was found wandering around west of Jacksonville. His rescuers put out signs for a few weeks, but no one responded. They needed to find someone to re-home him because they already had several dogs of their own.


A friend, who knows I’m a dachshund lover, forwarded Dax’s information to me and I fell for him instantly! Through the help of friends and rescue advocates, Dax made the journey to Key West and he’s been here ever since!


Dax spends most days on our boat or in the water. As his illustration suggests, he’s loves life in the Keys!



Abby’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Serious

Too Serious, Abby


In February 2017, on one of the coldest days of the year, my daughter, Jillienne, called me while she was volunteering at the shelter. She was concerned about a senior dog named Abby, who was heartworm positive, had developed a respiratory infection and was not doing well. The volunteers were concerned about her handling the freezing temperatures. Jillienne asked if I could help find someone to foster her.


I immediately thought of my neighbor Julie, who mentioned that she would like to try fostering. As I told her about Abby, she didn’t hesitate to say that she would take her in. Just a few hours later, Abby was transported to Julie’s house. Julie and her children fell in love with Abby and their dog, George, welcomed her into their home. Abby quickly became accustomed to spending her days sunbathing or curled up in Julie’s home office. She was a trooper as she went through her heartworm treatment and enjoyed daily walks with her foster brother. After falling in love, Julie and her family adopted Abby. She fit perfectly into their family.


Abby finally learned what it was like to feel the love and kindness she deserved. As Abby’s health began to deteriorate, Julie and her family helped Abby make her way to the Rainbow Bridge where they are certain she is restored to her youth.


And, I’m grateful to Julie that Abby lived her final days in a warm, loving home.


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