Abby’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Serious

Too Serious, Abby


In February 2017, on one of the coldest days of the year, my daughter, Jillienne, called me while she was volunteering at the shelter. She was concerned about a senior dog named Abby, who was heartworm positive, had developed a respiratory infection and was not doing well. The volunteers were concerned about her handling the freezing temperatures. Jillienne asked if I could help find someone to foster her.


I immediately thought of my neighbor Julie, who mentioned that she would like to try fostering. As I told her about Abby, she didn’t hesitate to say that she would take her in. Just a few hours later, Abby was transported to Julie’s house. Julie and her children fell in love with Abby and their dog, George, welcomed her into their home. Abby quickly became accustomed to spending her days sunbathing or curled up in Julie’s home office. She was a trooper as she went through her heartworm treatment and enjoyed daily walks with her foster brother. After falling in love, Julie and her family adopted Abby. She fit perfectly into their family.


Abby finally learned what it was like to feel the love and kindness she deserved. As Abby’s health began to deteriorate, Julie and her family helped Abby make her way to the Rainbow Bridge where they are certain she is restored to her youth.


And, I’m grateful to Julie that Abby lived her final days in a warm, loving home.


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