Blondie’s rescue story…featured in “Too Licky” as Too Wrinkly

Too Wrinkly, Blondie

Blondie was rescued as a very young pup. Her eyes weren’t even open. She was surrendered to the Humane Society with her siblings and they needed a foster to bottle feed them. After raising Blondie and two of her other siblings until they were old enough to be adopted, I could not part with this little girl and we adopted her. Blondie is “Too Wrinkly” because she’s part Lab and Shar Pei, and as a puppy she was totally covered in adorable wrinkles!


Blondie has been my constant, loyal and loving companion for the past seven years. She inspired me to continue to foster and I have had over 100 animals in my home over the years, until they were adopted into loving families. Blondie even inspired me to start my own nonprofit rescue organization called Rescue Junkie. Since we started in 2014, we have seen nearly 500 animals adopted through our rescue.



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