“Too Licky” will feature the illustration AND the rescue story of:

Big Ben as “Too Big”

Skippy as as “Too small”

Bella as as “Too fast”

Barkley as“Too spotty”

Maddox as “Too Fancy”

Professor as “Too Fluffly”

Jelly Bean as “Too puppy”

Quezy as “Too wolfy”

Abby as “Too serious”

Dax as “Too weinery”

Blondie as “Too wrinkly”

Gracie as “Too Foxy”

Scooter as “Too Scruffy”

Fiona as “Too Drooly”

Rocky as “Too Toothy”

Travis as “Too Distracted”

Jagger as “Too Tiger-y”

Elsie as “Too Tongue-y”

Charlie as “Too Goofy”

Snow as “Too Squishy”

Parker & Chance as “Too Silly”




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